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PROMAX specializes in the implementation and improvement of Quality System Methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, TQM, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Florida Sterling Award, MPTQM, ISO 9001:2000 and any combination of them.  PROMAX ensures that the implementation  is structured to create ownership. We have found that organizations that provide elaborate training but do not build the necessary structure, fail to achieve the bottom-line results necessary to improve performance and retain managementís commitment.  

Taking the time up front to plan the implementation will help ensure success.

Our Design/Deployment Team approach ensures that you develop the necessary sponsors up-front and that existing programs and implementations are taken into account as the new effort is undertaken.

You have a management system in place and that system drives the results you are currently achieving. By doing an initial Design and Deployment Team workshop we assist your organization to determine how the current system fits the new model and what needs to be done to ensure that the new implementation will be successful.

Your team of representatives from key departments writes the script for the change and obtains approval for the deployment from the executive team.

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